LNG production

LNG complex construction in Kaliningrad region

Gas-Oil finished the construction of the small-scale LNG complex – first and unique in the Kaliningrad region – containing NGV filling station based on GDS Kaliningrad-1, startup-and-adjustment works are fulfilled. The complex consists of two connected parallel liquefying blocks with production capacity of 1500 kg\hour of LNG each.

This project is mainly targeted at improving the ecological and economical situation in the Kaliningrad region and also the industrial and agricultural development. LNG production will allow increasing the gasification level through providing natural gas to the consumers from the districts that are hard-to-reach by gas pipeline. The LNG complex construction will furthermore ensure the perspective of NGV fuel market formation and development in Kaliningrad region due to NGV filling station as part of the complex. This object is also a part of “Blue Corridor” international project reckoning to organize passenger and cargo transportation with preferential usage of natural gas as motor fuel.