Economic, administrative and scientific potential of Gas-Oil together with the significant professional experience of its employees allow implementing different construction projects including housing, industrial and infrastructural construction.

Gas-Oil participated in implementing the following projects targeted at Kaliningrad region infrastructure development:

  1. Minsk-Kaunas-Vilnius-Kaliningrad gas pipeline capacity expansion in order to increase natural gas supply in the Kaliningrad region up to 1050-1270 m.sq.m.
  2. “Kaliningrad underground gas storage (UGS)” construction (in 1995-2000 – technical supervision over exploratory and technological slits construction; in 2001-2002 – customer functions on USG construction project).

Gas-Oil possesses vast experience in housing. In 1997-2004 within the framework of Gazprom employees resettlement from Far North regions Gas-Oil built a quarter of houses in Kaliningrad - the area of 12,5 thousand sq. m. Individual apartment heating supply project in multistoried buildings was implemented for the first time in the region.

In 2007 the construction of 20 cottages at the Baltic sea coast was finished in Zaostrovie, Zelenograd district.