Mission and goals

  • Gas-Oil ensures energy security of the Kaliningrad region.
  • Gas-Oil provides efficient gas supply to the consumers.
  • The development of Gas-Oil brings a significant income to the shareholder.

The main strategic goal of our company, a subsidiary company of Gazprom, is to reach high effectiveness of the business, to develop and implement the strategy of energy security as well as to promote wealth and prosperity in the Kaliningrad region.

The development strategy of Gas-Oil is based on the moral and ethical principles. The strategy presupposes all the employees of the company being highly-motivated by the number of social and economic incentives in order to enhance production effectiveness of the company.

The main competitive advantages of the company are based on the experience acquired in gas industry, as well as in special fields, while the implementation of the work is being ensured by the high level of professionalism of the company's employees.

Gas-Oil prioritizes the interests of the shareholder, personnel of the company as well as serves to the government and local authorities.

Gazprom protects such interests of the shareholder as gaining the profit, implementing the strategy of sustainable development and raising the effectiveness of the transparent business.

The interests of the employees are protected by assuring labour safety, giving an opportunity of career advancement, providing a fair system of labour remuneration and employment benefits.

The interests of the society, government and local authorities are the high responsibility of the company, which includes tax liability, the development of the economic potential of business activities and target programmes aimed at the protection of the vulnerable categories of the society.

Gas-Oil considers the activities, aimed at respecting the interests of the partners in developing long-term, mutually beneficial as well as honest and open relations being economically viable.